Dropship Hair Extensions

Dropship Program - Sell Hair Extensions Without Inventory

With the development of the hair industry, a new hair business form - dropship hair has grown up.

If you are looking to start a hair business with your own brand and dont want the cost of inventory, then dropship hair is a great choice.

Now Bejoy Hair Wigs provides this amazing service to help everyone who wants to start a hair business!


How Dropship Hair Program Works

#1: Become A Member of Bejoy Hair Wigs

Enter your email address to register our Bejoy Hair Wigs and choose dropship group, now you are the member of our dropship program, then you could start to enjoy

the one-shop dropship service that Bejoy Hair Wigs provides. We promise never charge any membership fee. 

Remarks: If you register to a default customer group and want to do dropship hair business, please fell free to contact us Service@bejoyhairwigs.com, then our customer

service will move you to the dropship group.

#2: Place Your Dropship Order to Bejoy Hair Wigs

When your customers buy hair from you, you could place the orders on our website directly. Once we receive the order we will prepare the hair and ship the package to

your customers with writing your own company name, your name, your phone number as sender.

Remarks: Please leave a comment to let us know this is a drop ship order, the information should include your customers' name, address, and phone number. We promise

never expose the information of Bejoy Hair Wigs to your customers, we just put your own information on the package when shipping.

For the payment, PayPal is the most convenient way for online shopping. So please also open a PayPal account before you start the hair business.

Remarks: Please change the shipping address to your PayPal address before the payment.

#3: Processing Your Order

Once we receive the order and confirm the shipping address, we will prepare the hair and package with your own brand, like your custom tags, wraps, or your own bags. After

the packaging, we will ship out the package via FedEx or DHL. Once the package is shipped out, our customer service will send the tracking number to you, you and your client

could track the package on https://fedex.com or https://dhl.com. 


If you have any question about this program or other service, please fell free to contact us, one of our staff will reply you within 24 hours.

E-mail: Service@bejoyhairwigs.com

WhatsApp/Cell: 0086-15153288758.