1. What is The Difference Between Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, and 360 Lace Wigs?

They look no obvious difference between full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and 360 lace front wigs after wearing, the difference more exist in the lace caps.

Full Lace Wigs: 100% hand tied wigs, each strand is knoted to the Swiss lace cap, it looks most natural and comfortable for wearing, you could part to any direction with a full lace wig.

Lace Front Wigs: Made by half hand half machine, the normal lace front wigs have 13*4 lace for knotting in the front,  and the extra area is weave sew-in. Lace front wigs are good choice for those want to buy wigs but have no enough money to get full lace wigs.

360 Lace Wigs: Made by 360 lace frontal and hair bundles. The hand made area all around and the center area is sew-in weave. 360 Lace wigs are cheaper than full lace wigs but the effect is similar to full lace wigs.

2. What is Silk Top Wigs?

If you like your wig as realistic as your own scalp, we will suggest a silk top wig. With the silk top wigs, we usually add a 4*4 silk base on the lace cap, 5*5 silk base also available.

3. How About the Natural Hairline and Baby Hair.

All of our wigs have natural hairline and baby hair around the forehead, and our hairline more close to people's hairline, make the wig realistic.

4. How to Tell Human Hair Hair and Synthetic Hair.

It is easy to tell by burning and smell: human hair will be ash, which will go away after pinching. Human hair will show white smoke and smell foul when burning, while synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning.

Besides, human hair has more natural look, like have gray hair and split ends.

5. How to Order a Wig with Bleached Knots.

Our stock wigs without bleached knots, if you want to get a wig with bleached knots, please leave a comment when you place your order.

6. Can the Wigs be Dyed?

The wigs can be dyed, it is better if you let your professional stylist help you, or order a colored wig directly.

When you want to re-dye your wig, please order natural color wig if you want to dye dark or medium color, and please order 613# blonde wigs if you want to dye light color like pink and 60#.

Remark: don't re-dye your wig with 1# jet black.

7. Can the Wigs be Straighten and Restyled?

All of our wigs are made by 100% human hair, can be straighten and restyled if you want to change a hairstyle.

8. Can I Swim or Shower with My Wig?

Yes, you can swim and shower with your wig, and you could wear a swim cap when you enjoy your swimming time, and after swimming, don't forget to wash your hair.

9. How Long Can the Wigs Last?

It depends on how do you use the wig and your hair care. Bejoy Hair Wigs can last more than 1 years with proper care, and you can re-use your wig after repairing.

10. How to Order a Customized Wig.

If you want to order a customized wig, please feel free to send an inquiry or contact Service@bejoyhairwigs.com, our customer service will follow the program.

The following are the date you need to tell us:

a. The size of your head, or just tell us you want a small cap, medium cap, or large cap.

b. Cap color, we have transparent lace, light brown lace, medium brown lace, dark brown lace, please choose a right color to match your skin.

c. Hair color.

d. Hair density, please also let us know how weight hair you want to put on the wig.

e. Hairstyle.

f. With/Without silk top.