How To Put On A Wig | Wig Buyers Guide
12 Nov

How To Put On A Wig | Wig Buyers Guide

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When you receive your new human hair wig, it is already pre-designed and can be worn almost anytime. Gently shake your hair and you can put on your wig in a few minutes.

My wig is reversed!

Why is this?

Due to the wide variety of styles, each has a different packaging method to save.

For example, when you open the box, you may notice that your wig is wrapped up and reversed.

This is done to maintain an open, airy look in style.`

There are other common packaging methods such as folding, folding, inversion and inversion, in which the wig is folded or placed in a specific manner.

Each method is designed to maintain the style of the wig.


Now that you understand why wigs are packaged in different ways, let's see what you should do once you take the wig out of the box.

First, put your hand in the wig and shake it to relax the fiber.

If your wig is curly, use your finger or picture comb.

If your wig is straight, you can use a wig brush to gently brush the wig.

Never use an ordinary brush on a wig!

It is important to only use styling tools designed for wigs, otherwise you may damage the wig.

When you use your fingers, picture comb or wig brush to fiddle with your wig, you will notice that the wig will start to become fuller and show what you want.


Prepare your natural hair


Before you wear a wig, you must first prepare your hair.

If your hair has little or no hair, you will need to use a wig eyeliner to help keep your wig safe.

If you are short hair, just comb it back and keep away from your face.

For longer hair, fix it with a hair clip and make a flat curl with a part of your hair.

Let them spread evenly over your head to avoid bumps and bumps.


However, wig pads are still recommended for those with hair and can be used to hold hair of all lengths.


Put on your wig

It is time to wear your wig.

Follow these simple steps to wear a wig:


step 1

Hold the position of the label behind the wig with both hands.

The head is slightly leaning forward.

You will wear a wig and move back and forth.


Step 2

Place the front of the wig over the eyebrows and wear a wig, just like wearing a shower cap. Move the wig back and forth and put it on your head correctly.


Step 3

Push the front of the wig back until it is slightly below your natural hairline.

Place the ears on both sides in front of your ears, center the wigs, and do not cover them.

When the wig feels comfortable, put the fallen hair in.


If the wig feels too tight or too loose, use an adjustable Velcro located behind the wig to fit the wig to your head.

You can adjust the comfort of the sides of this wig's circumference 12".



Special case: lace front wig

Lace front wig

If you have already bought a lace front wig, you will want to take extra precautions because you are suitable for the wig on your head.

The front lace wig cap is designed for a face-lifting hairstyle, often revealing the front hairline.

When wearing a wig, be extremely careful to avoid damaging the delicate ultra-fine monofilament fabric on the front of the wig cap.

Apply and put the front wig over your eyebrows.

Avoid bending or folding the hairline in front.

Once the hat is completely covering your head, avoid stretching the delicate lace monofilament on the hairline when you are positioning the hat.


Once you wear a wig, you can design your hair style as you wish.

Remember to use only wig styling tools and products, including hair spray and mousse, which are specifically for wigs.

Products made for natural hair instead of wigs can damage your new purchase.

Wig companies offer some great products to care for and shape your wigs.

In order to make your wig look longer, it is important to maintain it.

For more information on wig care, welcome to read more hair blogs of Bejoy Hair Wigs.

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