Hair Extensions

Reasons Why Extensions May Not Be For You

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Hair extension is the hairstyle technology that is introduced by Europe in the near future, just as its name suggests, hair extension is that the hair that receives oneself namely on true hair, instant achieves from short hair to grow change. It is more commonly used now because it is truer, smoother, easier to dye, iron and wash. The principle of "hair extension" is very simple, the processed is that human hair "grafting" to the original hair. It is a "slow work" to divide the hair into sections and lock them together. It can satisfy those who want to short hair is long, thick, long hair need not be baked color oil can reach the highlights (Depart Dyeing) effect of the appetite of the young gens. But if your hair is too long and too short (a standard buzz cut), you're still out of fashion.

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