The Perfect Rose Gold Wig For The Holiday
17 Dec

The Perfect Rose Gold Wig For The Holiday

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Christmas Day and 2019 New Year is coming soon, are you preparing for your holiday hairstyle? If not, don't worry, I would suggest rose gold wig is popular these days. For the holiday, we have many colorful human hair wigs, who really doesn't like a colored wig? It is more fashion and make you unique. Now let's make start learning how to make a perfect rose wig for your holiday.

We can use Brazilian hair full lace wig to make a perfect rose gold color, our Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair and Indian hair can help you make this color. You can order them from our website.

A.     Bleach the hair

Bleaching is the removal of melanin from the hair, enhance the hair brightness. For this program, I would like to use Schwarzkopf brand. Squeezing the bleaching paste and silver bag bleaching power into the reductant bottle liquid, tighten the lid, shake the bottle body and mix well until the paste is fully integrated into the liquid.

When you starting bleach hair, don't forget to wear a pair of gloves, it can keep your hand away from chemicals. Using a soft-brush, it can protect hair better, firstly I am fond of brushing the decolorizer in the middle hair, then brush the rest of hair, must brush uniform. If you would make ombre color, you can use little decolorizer to blench hair root. You can pick up a wisp of hair to bleach, if it is stick together, you can use your finger to separate them, ensure bleach them uniform, otherwise it will a part of hair is black color or green color. It will look ugly. I bleach the hair from black to top, keep all the hair has bleached. And also with the help of foil paper to bleach hair, when you bleached one of hair, you can use foil paper to wrap the hair, repeat this program, make the hair bleach well-proportioned. Before I wash the hair, I maintain the hair for more than 45 minutes. Even has bleached uniform, but I have to bleach twice time to keep the color which I want. Then we can put hair air drying overnight and bleach hair again.

B.     Bleach hair again

Before we make bleached hair process again, we need to test and touch the hair to ensure the hair if can bleach again. My hair looks very beautiful, no shedding, no tangling, and it is very soft, glossy, so I try to bleach again. If your hair looks like fragile and easy drop hair, please don't bleach them again. For the second bleach, I repeat the previous procedure, separate hair and keep all the hair bleached. After 45 minutes, I wash the hair, I got a medium level blonde hair color, it looks like #613 color. Now let's get in the most interesting part.

C.     Dye hair

Now we need prepare hair color-rose Quartz and moisturizing conditioner. Put a tube of hair color put in the bowl, and also add enough conditioner to make the consistency smooth and easy to apply, but not runny. Mix them thoroughly. You can use clips to black a part of hair, then use brush to brush the rest of hair. Liberally apply color all over hair from roots to ends. Repeat the procedure, ensure every color can be dyed. And then put the hair for more than 4 hours.

D.     Make a style

Now you can use hair curler to make every style which you want, such as loose wave wigs, body wave wigs so on .

How about this rose gold wig? Have you learned about it? Now let's dye and bleach a perfect rose wig! By the way, you can click our website to choose the hair wig which you want. Bejoy Hair Wigs is one factory based human hair wigs company in China for more than 15 years. Our mission is making every woman to always have a natural beautiful hair wig without any financial burdens. Welcome!

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